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And you deserve to do more than just grin and tolerate transition days and custodial periods. Which is where the Stepmom Sanity Saver Starter Kit (a $110 value) comes in. This kit is full of over 50 pages of resources, including:
-10 Ways to Avoid Stepmom Sabotage eBook ($9.99 value)
-Boundaries Basics Bundle (a $29.99 value)
-30 Path to Stepmom Peace workbook (a $19.99 value)
-45-minutes of meditations created JUST for stepmoms ($49.99 value)

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About BETH

Beth McDonough is Co-founder and Co-host of The Stepmom Summit, Co-Owner and Co-Editor-in-Chief of Stepfamily Magazine, a Certified Stepparent Coach, and owner of The Inclusive Stepmom. She takes stepmoms from hopeless to happy through 1:1 coaching, group coaching, and her signature Calm Over Chaos course. Her work has been featured in NPR, Good Morning America, StepMom Magazine, SheKnows Parenting, BabyCenter, Bustle, Romper, Mom2.0, and ParentMap. The Inclusive Stepmom was also named one of the best stepparenting blogs by Healthline in 2020.


From Cameron Normand, THIS CUSTOM LIFE
  • A comprehensive Self-Care Assessment so you can determine exactly where to focus.
  • My easy 3-step process to create your self-care plan in 20 minutes or less.
  • A fill-in-the-blank plan template so that you can get started RIGHT NOW.
  • The confidence you need to finally prioritize your needs.
  • The mindset shift that will help you stick to it.
Please note that it can take up to 10 minutes for my emails be delivered.
Cameron Normand headshot


Cameron Normand is Co-founder of The Stepmom Summit, host of The Stepmom Diaries podcast, and founder/CEO of This Custom Life, where she provides stepmoms with tools and advice to help them manage their blended family lives. She is a Certified Stepparent Coach, the creator of the BLENDED Family Formula For Stepmom Success, and author of The Stepmom’s Gratitude Journal. Her work has appeared in Business Insider, Upjourney, the Today Parenting Team, and StepMom Magazine, among others. Cameron received her BA from the University of South Carolina and her JD from Emory University School of Law. By day, she is a corporate politico in the Washington, D.C. area and serves on several non-profit boards. She was named one of the Washington Business Journal’s, “Women Who Mean Business.”

Make sure you don't miss out on the 2022 Stepmom Summit August 25-27th!

Recordings of Day 3 from 2021 Summit ($49 Value)

By Cameron NOrmand and Beth mcdonough, co-founders of the stepmom summit

Hear presentations from experts like Dr. Patricia Papernow, Wendy Behary, and more!

3 Month Trial of Stepfamily Circle Membership ($59 Value)

By stepfamily magazine

Get excited because you’re going to get access to three months inside the Stepfamily Circle, our exclusive new membership where you’ll have access to regular and ongoing stepfamily support and tools.

Child Custody Court Binder Template ($27 Value)

By Kristen Skiles, Stepmomming

When preparing for child custody court, you really can’t be too prepared or organized – introducing the Child Custody Court Binder Template by Stepmomming! This resource was designed specifically for divorced parents and stepparents who have been tasked with preparing for a court appearance to determine child custody.

Take the stress out of compiling visitation logs, incident reports, correspondence with other co-parents, and all the other bits and pieces that are crucial to your court case, but easily forgotten!

Anxiety & Stress Release Meditation ($27 Value)

By brittany lynch, stepqueen

The next time stepfamily circumstances have your blood boiling, reach for this first.

The path to peace and connection in a stepfamily is paved by a series of choices that are initially difficult to make in the moment. This trade-off of short-term discomfort for long-term benefit can be found, for example, smack dab in the centre of conflict. Rather than react in anger to other people’s bad behaviour, peaceful outcomes require the gentle and mindful handling of stress and anxiety.

In only 10 short minutes, this grounding meditation will release you from inner turmoil, so that you can make decisions that ultimately bring you closer to the happiness you deserve.

Stepping Back: 6 Steps to Finding Your Parenting Role ($49 Value)

By dr. erin careless, Steplife

In Stepping Back: 6 Steps to Finding Your Parenting Role, Erin will walk you through the 6 steps to finding peace and stability in your parenting role as a stepmom. This mini course takes you from chaos to confidence!

To enroll for free, email

Stressed To Empowered ($125 Value)

By katie white, pure sparkle

Imagine going from stressed out, overwhelmed, anxious to feeling lighter, and calm. This reiki session is tailored to bring you to a place of deep relaxation and awareness of the light that is within you. As you step out of this session, you will feel clarity in what you bring forward for yourself and others.

Family Adventure Missions ($59 Value)

By joann crohn, no guilt mom

Looking for ways to bond with your family? Eight planned-for-you fun activities that encourage your family to work together, bring you closer, and give you days of joy as you work toward unlocking a prize.

Plant-Based Family Plan ($49 Value)

By haley robinson, our plant based home

Looking for help with some of the day-to-day aspects of stepfamily life, like meal planning? Here’s a plan that will help you cook delicious plant-based meals for your family without having to cook and clean every day.

The Home Rescue Decluttering Planner & Guide ($47 Value)

By karen burke, organize with ease

The Home Rescue teaches you how to harness the power of micro-goals to quickly and easily cut the clutter from your home so you can create a peaceful space you actually enjoy, regardless of how limited your time is. The planner includes over 50 pages of customizable organizers, planning sheets, room-by-room checklists, habit trackers, and questions to help you get unstuck in the decluttering process. Science has proven that the environment you live in impacts your mood, energy, and mental health. You deserve a home that helps you relax and recharge. If your home drains your energy and creates stress, you need The Home Rescue.

Working Moms Time Maker ToolKit ($45 Value)

By Yamiek anthony, rockstar career moms

Having trouble balancing all the things? Stop trying to find time for yourself and MAKE time with the Working Moms Time Maker ToolKit. Imagine showing up as your best self at home and at work without constantly feeling burned out. Yamiek is giving you her secret sauce to help you Make & Take time for yourself in the Working Moms Time Maker ToolKit.

Paper Crafts Made Easy ($39 Value)

By dr. bette daust, bettes makes

Paper Crafts Made easy is a 68-page project guide that will thrill the paper crafter! A step-by-step DIGITAL guide for each and every craft!

Over the years I have been asked many times for a collection of my favorite paper crafts! Today, they have been put together so that you, too, can enjoy making things with paper just as I do.

There are crafts here that span over the seasons so you can pick one or two or do them all. I know you are going to love all of them!

For paper, you can use any type, my favorite go-to is medium card stock with a solid core (no white shows through that way), but in reality, use what you can as the projects can be done with so many different variations.

The goal is to have fun and make everything you possibly can!

Happy Crafting!

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